• Joseph Zurek

Are sponsors ruining the look of NBA Jerseys?

Joseph Zurek, Freelance contributor for The Run.

When people think about different athletes in their uniforms, the classic looks come to mind. Michael Jordan in the red Bulls jersey, Tom Brady in a New England Patriots jersey and Wayne Gretzky in an Edmonton Oilers sweater.

One thing about these jerseys that does not come up is the corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors have infiltrated the professional sports culture in America. From stadium names to odd sponsorships like Guiness being the official beer of Notre Dame.

Most of these sponsorships are not offensive and sure it will add a new stadium banner or a new ad on TV. However, where the Sponsors have gone too far, is in the NBA. Starting in 2017, the NBA allowed every team to get one corporate sponsor on their jerseys.

In my opinion, sports jerseys in America have been on the edge of popularity with uniforms because they include corporate sponsors. European teams have ads on their jerseys as well, and they are plastered all over the uniforms. With the wave of ads taking over in the NBA, it makes people wonder when more deals will expand to more teams.

Although I understand the idea from an owner’s perspective, making more money is always good. As a fan, it just makes the average person’s skin crawl. As a person that also collects and enjoys the looks of many jerseys, I find myself not liking or wanting to buy these newer NBA jerseys just because they have ads on them.

The ads really get in the way of what would be great uniforms. I myself, own a Miami vice Jameson Crowder jersey and love it. But right there on the left shoulder, it sticks out to me seeing the Ultimate Software patch that ruins the overall look.

It also makes an impression that great players from this generation of the NBA will be seen wearing jerseys with corporate sponsors. Fans can no longer get the clean unmatched picture of Jordan dunking from the free throw line, instead, kids will have posters with big ads for insurance or tires, like giant NASCAR drivers.

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