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Should the Detroit Pistons go "All In" to draft an interested LaMelo Ball?

Updated: Jan 5

Manny Wilson, Founder of the Run USA.

There have been multiple indicators from different sources that explains why Detroiter's believe the Pistons will somehow draft LaMelo Ball. The number one prospect in the country has trained in the city of Detroit since March with Mike Fox, CEO and fitness trainer of Detroit Thrive.

Ball has also acquired former NBA veteran and Detroit Native, Jermaine Jackson as his manager. Let’s not forget the former NBA vet once played for the Detroit Pistons in the 1999. Furthermore, Ball even released a video of his partnership with puma which was filmed at the Oakland Fieldhouse in Rochester Hills.

Video Here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGoFzfMBEFG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Although these are only assumptions, it was confirmed by the father of the number one prospect that he wants his son to play in Detroit.

The following quote was captured from the TV series 'Ball in the Family':

"I want him in either New York or Detroit," Ball said. "Not in L.A., right now...The key is to have the right coach behind you."

LaMelo has an older brother in the NBA who was drafted number two overall by the Los Angeles Lakers after his father LaVar Ball spoke it into existence. It is possible that LaVar can go 2-0 with his wild assumptions.

How to get LaMelo Ball...

The Pistons would need to trade up in the draft or simply hope for a blessing from above in order to actually draft LaMelo Ball. Detroit has the 7th pick and Ball is projected to go top three.

Attaining LaMelo in the draft seems far-fetched, but the Pistons have assets they could trade as well as their 7th pick. Obviously, the Pistons would have to trade 6x All-Star Blake Griffin If they wanted to move up in the draft. Would trading Blake Griffin to draft LaMelo Ball be worth it in the long run?

Will trading up in the draft be worth it?

Yes, Absolutely! The city of Detroit is dying of thirst to have a star player that is not old, washed or beaten up. It has been proven on multiple occasions that Blake Griffin is not enough to take the Pistons on a deep playoff run.

Griffin still holds a good amount of trade value because his skillset is adequate enough to compliment any team with a solid back court. However, his trade value will only decrease as he slowly approaches his mid 30’s.

In contrast, LaMelo Ball will give the city of Detroit exactly what we have been wanting for years. A talented star that has speed, can shoot, distribute, rebound and score at will while standing at 6-foot-9.

His game would also evenly divide the pressure to score and possibly attract other young stars because of his skillset. Ball gives the pistons depth in talent in which they desperately need. Young stars such as Christian Wood, Luke Kennard and Sekou Doumbouya are very promising to Detroit’s franchise as of now. Ball could be the missing link that speeds up this rebuilding process. The pistons can become relevant to the league once again If general manager, Troy Weaver, manages to keep our young core together as well as adding LaMelo Ball.

Will the Pistons stay passive on an opportunity that could potentially make the franchise relevant once again? Comment below.

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